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China Minmetals and Chinese Olympic Committee Sign a Strategic Cooperation Agreement
CopyFrom: Date:09 May 2019
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  On May 6, the signing ceremony of a strategic cooperation agreement between China Minmetals and the Chinese Olympic Committee was held at the Minmetals Plaza, Beijing. Guo Wenqing, General Manager and Deputy Secretary of Party Group of China Minmetals, and concurrently Chairman of MCC, and Gou Zhongwen, Director and Secretary of the Party Group of the General Administration of Sport of China (GASC) attended the signing ceremony where they witnessed the signing of the contract. Prior to the signing ceremony, the two sides had full exchange of views on strengthening strategic cooperation and jointly building a new model for central enterprises to help the Olympic Games.

  Guo Wenqing welcomed the visit of Gou Zhongwen and his delegation, thanked the GASC for its long-term care and support to China Minmetals and MCC, and introduced the development history of the two Global 500 enterprises and the development situation since the strategic restructuring. Guo Wenqing pointed out that after the strategic restructuring in in December 2015, China Minmetals took the lead in connecting the whole chain in the global metal mining industry, covering resources acquisition, exploration, engineering, construction, mining, mineral processing, smelting, logistics and trade. As one of the first state-owned capital investment companies in the China's metal mining industry, China Minmetals shoulders the mission of ensuring the supply of national metal resources and is committed to building a metal mining enterprise group that is "the first in China and the first-rank around the world". At present, the total scale of assets under its management amounts to RMB 1.86 trillion. In 2018, the business income exceeded RMB 500 billion, with the profits reaching a record high. China Minmetals is now building up its pillar business system comprised of metal mining, metallurgical construction, trade and logistics, finance and real estate. In terms of metal mining, China Minmetals has developed and operated world-class mines such as Las Bambas copper mine, the Dugald River zinc mine and Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea. In terms of metallurgical construction, it has the world's first metallurgical construction enterprise, and accounts for 90% of the metallurgical construction market in China and 60% in the world. In terms of trade and logistics, it has a strong and sound global trade circulation network covering more than 60 countries and regions in the world. In terms of finance and real estate, China Minmetals, one of the three central enterprises with all the financial licenses, has a strong capacity of investment, financing and resources allocation; China Minmetals takes up two of the 16 central enterprises with real estate as their main business identified by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. In addition, China Minmetals is a leading central enterprise in scientific and technological innovation, with 37 national key laboratories and scientific and technological platforms.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that the GASC, shouldering the national responsibility of developing sports, enhancing people's health and leading the high-quality development of Chinese sports, has been promoting China from a big country to a power in sports through a series of reform and innovative measures in recent years. China Minmetals and MCC have attached great importance to exchanges and cooperation with the GASC, and proactively contributed to the development of national sports undertakings. We have successfully participated in the construction of the National Stadium (Bird's Nest), Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, China Pavilion of Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center, Kempinski Hotel Sunrise Beijing (APEC summit) and large venues for the Wuhan CISM Military World Games, the Shenzhen Universiade and the Guangzhou Asian Games. Currently, we are accelerating the construction of the national race tracks for bobsleigh & luge in the Yanqing competition area of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Furthermore, we have advanced technology and rich experience in the engineering and construction of theme parks and characteristic towns. China Minmetals is ready to take this strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to carry out all-round in-depth cooperation with the GASC, and make new greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of China's sports undertakings and improving the health level and happiness index of all the people.

  Gou Zhongwen thanked Guo Wenqing for his warm reception and appreciated the achievements made by China Minmetals and MCC as well as their contributions to promoting the development of China's sports undertakings. Gou Zhongwen pointed out that in recent years, the GASC is gradually opening its door and introducing more social forces to carry out strategic cooperation, so as to prompt the common development of competitive sports and mass sports and earnestly shoulder the social responsibility of developing into a sports power. China Minmetals and MCC has unique advantages in the construction of sports venues and facilities, as well as in the engineering and construction of characteristic towns and theme parks, the GASC hopes that both sides can establish a long-term stable strategic partnership, intensify cooperation and innovate the cooperation mode in the transformation of competitive football stadiums, in the engineering and construction of sports leisure towns and in the construction of ski training venues for the Winter Olympic Games, lay a solid foundation for the success of major sports events, make due contributions to accelerating the comprehensive construction of a sports power.

  The two sides also exchanged in-depth views on specific issues related to potential cooperation projects.

  Under the joint witness of Guo Wenqing and Gou Zhongwen, Zhang Zhaoxiang, Deputy General Manager and member of the Party Group of China Minmetals, and concurrently General Manager and Secretary of the Party Committee of MCC, and Li Yingchuan, Deputy Director of the GASC signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of the two sides respectively.

  Liu Caiming, Deputy General Manager, Chief Accountant and member of the Party Group of China Minmetals, attended the above activities. The attendees also included Ni Huizhong, Director of Winter Sports Center of the GASC, Hong Jiang, Vice Director of the Center, Hu Guangyu, Vice Director of Department of Policy and Regulation and Executive Vice Director of Preparatory Office of Olympic Games of the GASC, Zhang Mengxing, Qu Yang, Liu Fuming, Yue Qingrui, Xue Fei, He Jianbo, Zhou Qing, Zhang Huiqing, Tian Guixiang, Wang Wei, Yang Kui and other relevant personnel from relevant headquarters departments and directly affiliated enterprises.