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Zhang Mengxing Meets Chai Wei, Secretary of Liaoyuan Municipal Party Committee
CopyFrom: Date:09 May 2019
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  On May 6, Zhang Mengxing, MCC President and Deputy Secretary of MCC Party Committee met with Chai Wei, Secretary of Liaoyuan Municipal Party Committee of Jilin Province. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on further strengthening cooperation in such fields as highway transportation, municipal infrastructure, theme parks and stadiums.

  Zhang Mengxing said that as the world's largest metallurgical construction contractor and metallurgical enterprise operating service provider, MCC has successfully achieved transformation, is committed to be the national team of metallurgical construction, the main force of capital construction, and the leader of emerging industries, and has been adhering to the road of high-tech and high-quality development for a long time. With the advantages in technology and talents previously accumulated in the construction of iron and steel industry, MCC has developed into an expert in providing solutions to urban comprehensive problems and the pioneering practicer of the advanced concepts such as smart city and sponge city in China. With urban infrastructure, high-end housing building, rail transportation, expressways, sewage treatment, waste incineration, black and odorous water treatment, soil remediation as well as underground utility tunnels as its specialized fields and main businesses, MCC has successfully completed multiple projects and accumulated abundant experience.

  Zhang Mengxing pointed out that Liaoyuan City has a long history, excellent natural ecological environment, complete industrial categories, strong economic foundation and broad prospects for development. The two sides should strengthen communication and exchanges, and further strengthen cooperation in the fields of highway transportation, municipal infrastructure, theme parks, sports venues, etc. MCC will certainly give full play to its advantages in technology, talents, and experience to successfully accomplish various projects. He hopes that the Municipal Party Committee and People's Government of Liaoyuan will give strong support.

  Chai Wei said that Liaoyuan, a resource-exhausted city in the process of transformation, has industries such as textile and chemical, agricultural and sideline product processing, aluminum, iron and steel, medicine and health, and new energy automobile supporting. Its industrial output value ranked the fourth in Jilin Province in the first quarter of this year. Recently, in order to strengthen and improve urban construction, Liaoyuan City will invest a lot in urban infrastructure, highway transportation and other aspects. He hopes that MCC will give full play to its advantages and proactively participate in the development and construction of all the fields in Liaoyuan City, and the Municipal Party Committee and People's Government is sure to give strong support.

  The attendees also included Li Hongwei, Vice Mayor of Liaoyuan City, and relevant personnel Wang Yan, Li Yanhui, Wang Xinghe and Sun Ming'an, as well as Leng Tiesong, Wen Jianguo and other relevant personnel of MCC.