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Zhang Zhaoxiang Meets with Robert Friedland, Founder and Chairman of Ivanhoe Capital Corp.
CopyFrom: Date:08 May 2019
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  On May 8, Party group member and deputy general manager of China Minmetals, Party Committee secretary of China MCC and general manager of MCC Group, Zhang Zhaoxiang met with Robert Friedland, founder and chairman of Ivanhoe Capital Corp., founder and executive co-chairman of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd., co-chairman of Clean TeQ. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on further strengthening cooperation in fields such as mineral resources development, new energy and new materials.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang expressed that as a state-owned capital investment company in the field of China's metal mining industry, China Minmetals attaches great importance to the acquisition, development and utilization of high-quality metal mineral resources. After the successful strategic restructuring with MCC, China Minmetals has formed a whole industrial chain of mine acquisition, exploration, design, mining, smelting, logistics and trade, with full financial licences and a strong capacity for investment and financing. China Minmetals has been selected as a pilot basis of state-owned capital investment company, and is capable of obtaining resources in terms of capital and management. It will seek development based on resources, explore world-class, high-level mineral resources, and secure the metal mineral resources in China. Ivanhoe is a world famous mining corporation with strong ability of mineral resources development and lots of examples of success. Extensive exchanges and cooperation have been maintained between the two sides, and China Minmetals and MCC are willing to continually carry out in-depth cooperation with Ivanhoe Capital Corp. They will give full play to their advantages and accelerate the progress of existing cooperation projects. He hoped Ivanhoe Capital Corp. and China Minmetals further deepen cooperation in the fields of global mining investment, metallurgical construction, new energy and new materials, so as to make bilateral cooperation more stable.

  Robert Friedland briefly introduced the basic information of Ivanhoe and praised MCC and China Minmetals' ability to design and construct mines. He pointed out that Ivanhoe has been committed to seeking high-quality mineral resources and its business has been expanded to 59 countries and regions. MCC and China Minmetals possess Strong exploration, design and construction capacities. The two sides have maintained a good cooperation for many years and successfully completed several projects. He hoped that the two sides will continue to strengthen exchanges, form a close strategic cooperative partnership and conduct in-depth cooperation in the development and construction of copper, nickel, cobalt and other mineral resources.

  Other people attended the meeting include: the special advisor to president of Ivanhoe Capital Corp. and the business leader of Greater China, vice president of Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. and business leader in China, Zhou Chao and related personnel Mathew Bose, Liu Kexin, Li Yanbao; MCC Group and China MCC Party Standing Committee Member and MCC Vice-President Zhang Ye and other related personnel Lu Zhifang, Fan Jintian and Yang Yong.