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Zhao Zhaoxiang Attends the Second Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade and Investigates Subsidiaries in Chongqing
CopyFrom: Date:19 May 2019
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 On May 16, the Second Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade (WCIFIT) was officially opened in Chongqing International Expo Center. Zhang Zhaoxiang, deputy general manager and member of the Party Group of China Minmetals and general manager and secretary of the Party Committee of MCC Group and China MCC, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and to talk with relevant leaders of Chongqing Municipal Government. During the fair, Zhang Zhaoxiang participated in the "2019 Central Enterprises' Trip to Chongqing" forum and major project signing activities presided over by Ren Hongbin, Deputy Director-General of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, witnessing the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between CISDI Group Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Environmental Protection Investment Co., Ltd.; he participated in the forum for cooperation and matchmaking of key infrastructure projects in Chongqing hosted by Lu Kehua, vice mayor of Chongqing Municipal Government, introducing recent development of MCC and CISDI Group Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MCC in Chongqing and expressing the desire to further actively participate in the construction and development of Chongqing and the western area.

  After the opening ceremony, Zhao Zhaoxiang visited the booth of MCC jointly constructed by CISDI and China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group. Through forms such as scene experience, AR experience, VR experience, multimedia, experience model and sand table, there exhibited characteristic technologies and products including intelligent centralized control, industrial big data platform, digital delivery, intelligent construction cloud platform "Light Construction", urban intelligent command and dispatch system QTOUTH, overall process engineering consulting service ability, overall solution of urban industry and transportation integration, green building and prefabricated building capability, planning and design ability for beautiful villages, national public service platform for the production and marketing of primary agricultural products, welding stirrup and BIM technology application. These have attracted a lot of government leaders, investors, media and the public to visit, effectively enhancing the brand influence of MCC.

  During the stay in Chongqing, Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation also successively went to CISDI and China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group to conduct investigation and guidance.

  In CISDI, Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation visited the research and development center, made a detailed investigation on the progress and achievements of CISDI in scientific and technological innovation in recent years, especially in major technological research and development, and listened to the work report of CISDI in market development, transformation and reform, intelligent development, problem solving, and the Party building.

  He said in summary, this time he comprehensively and systematically listened to the work report of CISDI about promoting transformation, upgrading and the development of the high quality work, which was very impressive, saw the grasp of CISDI for the future trend, the capture of market demand, intrinsic motivation and innovation potential to lead the market, and gave full affirmation to CISDI for it adhered to manage the relationship between the present and the long term based on the present and facing the future to carry out continuous exploration and practice.

  He pointed out that in the complex and changeable external situation, enterprises are currently at a crucial stage of transformation. To achieve long-term development, they must grasp the trend, explore future demand and lead the market. CISDI has conducted a lot of exploration and practice in technological innovation, especially in the aspect of intelligence. It should further give full play to the differentiation advantages of engineering technology companies in promoting intelligent manufacturing, including the understanding of the industry and the ability to grasp the market demand, and constantly improve the core competitiveness. As a pilot enterprise of the "Double Hundred Campaign", it should make full use of policies, be prior to try and innovate, steadily push forward the reform of system and mechanism, optimize the allocation of resources and assets, and explore a new development road facing the future. The MCC Group gives strong support for CISDI.

  In China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group, Zhang Zhaoxiang listened to the work report about basic information of the enterprise, the completion of the main economic and technical indicators from January to April and the implementation of the main work, the next key work arrangement and the Party building, etc.

  In his concluding speech, he said that in recent years, China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group has always adhered to the sound idea of strict risk control and zero debt, which meets the requirements of high-quality development and lays a solid foundation for future development. He put forward four requirements for China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group's next work: first, attach importance to brand building. With "non-steel" business as the feature, China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group should pay more attention to its own brand building, constantly improve its brand awareness in the industry, and constantly expand the social influence of the enterprise. Second, attach importance to talent construction. In the final analysis, the competition among enterprises is the competition for talent. We should give young people opportunities to exercise and a platform for trial and error, accelerate the training and selection of outstanding young backbones, and continuously inject vitality into the development of enterprises. Third, attach importance to mechanism construction. A good mechanism and a good system can promote the efficient development of enterprises. In the reform of enterprises, a suitable mechanism for enterprise development can be explored to fully release the competitiveness of enterprises. Forth, attach importance to Party building. The Party committee of China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group must assume major responsibility for implementing strict self-governance in every respect, give full play to the leadership core and the political core role, earnestly implement the responsibilities such as decision-making check, internal management, risk prevention and deepening reform, to promote the deep integration of Party building and production and business operation thus to transform the effects of Party building to the advantage of enterprise development. The Commission for Discipline Inspection should fulfill the responsibility of implementing the responsibility system for improving the Party's work style and building clean government. Officials should take responsibility for workplace safety in performing their duties and shoulder their own responsibility, forming a cohesive and strong team.

  Zhang Zhaoxiang and his delegation also came to inspect and guide the renovation project of Jinjiawan overpass in Dadukou district of Chongqing, which was built by China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group. They inspected the safe and civilized construction of the project, migrant workers' wage payment and other aspects, and comforted the cadres and workers fighting in the front line of the construction.

  Qi Dongping, Secretary of Party-Masses Work Department in MCC, and Yang Kui, Secretary of Domestic Market Development Department accompanied in the investigation. Major leaders of CISDI and China Metallurgical Construction Engineering Group including Xiao Xuewen, Yao Jinchuan, Yu Zhaohui and Tian Guixiang attended above activities.