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China ENFI Signs the Design Contract of Indonesia Ferro-nickel Project
CopyFrom: Date:07 March 2019
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  On March 5, China ENFI signed the ferro-nickel project design contract with an Indonesian company.

  ENFI's core expertise of rotary kiln-electric furnace technique (referred to as " RKEF Technique" is utilized to treat laterite. The technique has solved key technical difficulties in the production of high-grade ferro-nickel. Since the 72 MVA large electric furnace was successfully applied in the Burma Tagaung Taung Nickel Project in 2012, it has carried out steady production for over 7 years.

  The technique can be used to treat laterite with different silicon-magnesium ratios and produce ferro-nickel with different grades (10%-38%), resulting in high recovery rate, long service life for electric furnaces and full utilization of fume waste heat. The power consumption per ton of calcine reaches 500-550 kWh. Besides, the technique makes the ferro-nickel be produced in large scale and in an automatic and intelligent way. High technologies contribute to high quality and can promote the technological progress and industrial upgrading for ferro-nickel production.