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MCC Baosteel Special Vehicles Firstly Enter South Korea
CopyFrom: Date:18 April 2019
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  On April 15, the formal contract of the slag car project between MCC Baosteel Technical Service Co., Ltd. and SeAH Bseteel Corporation, marked the first successful entry of MCC Heavy Machinery special vehicle into South Korea.

  The cooperation project involves four 50-ton slag cars with a load capacity of 50 tons. It is the transportation equipment specially designed by MCC Heavy Machinery for the trackless metallurgy logistics process. It undertakes the work of transferring smelting slag in the smelting slag treatment. The equipment is equipped with multiple functions such as self-backing tank, transporting tank, unloading tank, pouring slag, which has been successfully applied to major steel factories and non-ferrous smelting industries in the country. In recent years, it has also been exported to Asian countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam, as well as some African countries. SeAH Bseteel Corporation, located in Kunsan City, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea, is part of the South Korea SeAH Group. Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, SeAH Group was founded in 1960 and is one of the major chaebol groups in Korea, and has good credit. SeAH Group is currently the largest comprehensive special steel enterprise in Korea that specializes in steel production and processing. At present, there are three sets of 100-ton electric furnaces and one set of 150-ton electric furnace. The annual steel slag volume is 300,000 tons.

  This time, we were able to successfully cooperate with the important metallurgical enterprise in South Korea, benefiting from the successful transformation of overseas marketing models, and thanks to the good performance since the entry of the China MCC Baosteel slag car into the POSCO domestic market in 2011. The excellent performance culture formed by the first-class contract spirit of MCC Baosteel has laid the most solid foundation for the growth of the metallurgical market in the developed countries.