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The first batch of modules for Roy Hill Ultrafine Iron Recovery Project designed by NETC finally installed
CopyFrom: Date:01 May 2019
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  On the morning of April 29, a ceremony for successful installation of the first batch of modules for Roy Hill Ultrafine Iron Recovery Project designed by Northern Engineering & Technology Corporation, MCC (hereinafter referred to as "NETC") was held at Dalian Heshang Island Wharf. The ceremony was hosted by Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (DHHI). NETC was invited to participate in this ceremony as a designer.

  The general contractor of the Roy Hill Ultrafine Iron Recovery Project is DHHI, which is also responsible for manufacturing the main equipment, and NETC is a co-designer of the Project. Wuxi Weir Minerals Equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Huate Magnet Technology Co., Ltd., Weihai Haiwang Hydrocyclone Co., Ltd. and other companies provide warranty services for main equipment. The raw ore of the Project is the slime from the existing ore washing plant at the Roy Hill iron ore site. The process flow of hydrocyclone-fine-mesh screen-weak magnetism-strong magnetism is adopted, with an annual output of 5 million tons of iron concentrate. The design scope of the Project includes beneficiation process design, mechanical design, civil works (steel structure included) design, electrical design and pipeline design. The foreign design standards and management modes are fully followed, and detailed design is conducted by combining three-dimensional design and modular design.

  In order to ensure the high-quality completion of the Project as designed, NETC has set up a Roy Hill Beneficiation Project Team. Due to the tight schedule and great difficulty of the Project, the design personnel must quickly read a large number of English documents, and calculate and design in strict accordance with the relevant standards. All professionals need to work together and has successfully completed the design of the Project in each stage through high-efficiency communication and at a high level.

  The Project is the first attempt of NETC to cooperate with DHHI in the beneficiation field. It is of great significance to enhance the company's core technology, strengthen its competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, accumulate cooperation experience in jointly developing overseas markets with large enterprises, and expand overseas markets.