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China Huaye's Pakistan Duda Lead-Zinc Ore Project reaches design capacity in advance
CopyFrom: Date:01 May 2019
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  On May 5, the corporate headquarters received a glad message from China Huaye's Duda lead-zinc ore site. In April, Duda Company has mined a total of 45,664 tons of ore, with a daily average output of 1,660.5 tons, exceeding the designed mining and beneficiation capacity of 1,500 t/d and realizing the design capacity 8 months in advance.

  The glad message mentioned the historical background of the suspension of the Duda Lead-Zinc Ore Project after its commencement in 2004 due to the complicated geological conditions and adverse market environment. China Huaye Group restarted the construction of the Project in 2014 and plans to reach the design capacity of 500,000 t/y by 2020.

  All employees of Duda Company have fully carried on the spirit of MCC, which is "No work should be delayed for even one day", and the spirit of Ma Wanshui, which is "Shoulder the flag without putting it down and take the lead without yielding", to carry the heavy burden bravely at the critical moment, to turn backwardness into advancement, and to make impossible possible. Duda Company has put forward five task targets, namely, the year to fully reach the design capacity, cost control year, staff study year, the year to end civil works and diplomatic transition year, and has thoroughly implemented them, so the design production capacity is reached 8 months in advance. Under the difficult conditions of mining and beneficiation and the severe market environment, it has achieved a major breakthrough and exerted a far-reaching impact.