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Guo Wenqing Talks with Wen Guohui, Vice-Secretary-General and Mayor of Guangzhou
Witness to Signing of Strategic Cooperation Agreement Between China Minmetals and Guangzhou Municipal People's Government
CopyFrom: Date:18 May 2019
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  In Guangzhou, on May 15, general manager and deputy secretary of Party Committee of China Minmetals, and Chairman of MCC, Guo Wenqing and his delegation talked with Wen Guohui, Vice-Secretary-General and Mayor of Guangzhou. They had in-depth exchanges on the construction of related projects of China Minmetals, MCC and Guangzhou, and they witnessed the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between China Minmetals and Guangzhou Municipal People's Government.

  Guo Wenqing expressed his gratitude for the care and support given by the Municipal Party Committee and People's Government of Guangzhou to China Minmetals and MCC for a long time, introducing the basic situation since the strategic restructuring of the two world top 500 enterprises. Guo Wenqing pointed out that since the establishment in 1950, China Minmetals has transformed from a simple foreign trade enterprise to an industrial group taking mental minerals as core business with "outstanding main business and diversified industries, full participation in international competitions, high industry status and good international reputation"; MCC is the pioneer and main force of China's steel industry and since the construction of the Ansteel Group known as "the cradle of China's iron and steel industry" in 1948, MCC has thrown itself into more constructions such as WISCO, Baogang Group, TISCO, Pangang Group, Baosteel, and has successively undertaken over 90% of the domestic steel projects and over 60% of the world's steel projects, so it is worth being called a national leader of metallurgical construction. After the strategic restructuring, new China Minmetals has been included in the first batch of the state-owned capital investment companies in the field of metal mining industry in China, and its total assets reach RMB 1.86 trillion, with 2018's operating income exceeding RMB 500 billion and the profit creating another historical record. With 200,000 employees, China Minmetals is committed to creating a metal and mining corporation which is "the first in China and the first class in the world" and shoulders the glorious mission of ensuring the supply of metal resources for the nation.

  Guo Wenqing pointed out deep historical origin and solid foundation for cooperation exist among China Minmetals and MCC, Guangzhou and Guangdong Province. In the early stage of China's reform and opening-up, MCC, as one of the first construction enterprises and design units designated by the State Council, went down to the south of China, completing the first edition of urban design and planning of Shenzhen, successively constructing the first overpass, the first avenue, the first sewage treatment plant and the first high-rise building for Shenzhen which were all the first projects at that time in Shenzhen, thus creating a record of "the amazing Shenzhen speed" of "building one floor in five days" during the construction of the Shenzhen International Business Building and making contribution to the construction and development of Shenzhen Special Administrative Region. Over the past decades, affiliated companies of China Minmetals and MCC have taken root in Guangdong to serve Guangdong and have constructed a number of grand brand projects, in an all-round way witnessing the earth-shaking changes of Guangzhou and Guangdong Province since China's reform and opening-up.

  Guo Wenqing stressed that Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province, a key city of China, a megacity, the station of Southern Theater Command, an international city oriented by the State Council, an international trade center, an international comprehensive transportation hub, a national comprehensive gateway city and a national historical and cultural city. China Minmetals and MCC will focus on the relevant requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and People's Government of Guangzhou, actively give full play to advantages of its full financial licences including capital advantages and business advantages covering the whole industrial chain, further deepen cooperation and enhance communication, continually build higher-level and better platforms, concentrate on "big things" and "practical things" for the urban construction of Guangzhou and assist Guangzhou in achieving a new round of booming social and economic development.

  Wen Guohui extended his gratitude for the significant contributions made by China Minmetals and MCC for years and mainly introduced the planning of Guangzhou's infrastructure construction during "The Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period. He pointed out that Guangzhou is presently in a critical period of construction and development. It is actively promoting urban renewal and transformation, construction of characteristic towns and beautiful villages, development of modern logistics, construction of ecological and environmental protection and other municipal infrastructure construction, with numerous projects, large investment and heavy tasks. Especially for building a comprehensive international transportation hub, Guangzhou is constantly improving the transportation infrastructure such as airport, port, railway, highway, light rail and subway, making every effort to consolidate the status of the four major railway hubs in China and the national center of intercity rail trunk lines, and striving to build Guangzhou into a "comprehensive international transportation hub".

  Wen Guohui expressed that China Minmetals and MCC has accumulated rich experience in investment, financing, and project construction and management, which is highly compatible and complementary with the industrial development of Guangzhou. The cooperation between the two sides can fully complement each other's advantages and achieve common development. He hoped that China Minmetals and MCC, according to the plan in the agreement, speed up the project, and make more contributions to the development of Guangzhou while strengthening their own strength; The Municipal Party Committee and People's Government of Guangzhou will spare no efforts to support the project construction, and strive to provide high-quality and efficient services and a good development environment.

  Following the meeting, Guo Wenqing and Wen Guohui witnessed the signing of strategic cooperation agreement between China Minmetals and Guangzhou Municipal People's Government. Liu Caiming, vice general manager, chief accountant, member of the Party Committee of China Minmetals, and Li Ming, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, signed strategic agreements on behalf of each other's own side.

  According to the agreement, the two sides will follow the principle of "market-oriented, advantage complementation, equal cooperation, abidance by laws and rules". The two sides will set up infrastructure including subways and transportation junctions in headquarters and new research and development institutions, and conduct long-term cooperation in fields such as urban renewal and comprehensive development, the development of finance and modern logistics industries, and rural revitalization. All these lead to joint development and mutual benefit between local economy and central enterprises.

  Ren Zhufeng, deputy general manager and member of the Party Group of China Minmetals, attended the above activities. Other people attended above activities are: for Guangzhou Municipal Government, Chen Jie,Secretary-General, Zeng Jinze, Director-General of Development and Reform Commission, Wu Shangwei, Deputy Director-General of Commerce Bureau, Li Haizhou, District Mayor of Haizhu District, Chen Jiameng, District Mayor of Tianhe District, Su Xiaopeng, District Mayor of Baiyun District, Chen Yong, District Mayor of Huangpu District, Ye Zhiliang, District Mayor of Huadu District, Chen Dejun, District Mayor of Panyu District, Zhao Guosheng, District Mayor of Zengcheng District, Yan Qiang, District Mayor of Yuexiu District, Fang Wuming, member of the Standing Committee of Liwan District Committee, Liu Chaoyang, Deputy District Mayor of Nansha District and Wu Linbo, Executive Deputy District Mayor of Conghua District; for related personnel of the relevant headquarter departments and enterprises directly affiliated to China Minmetals, Zhang Mengxing, Liu Bo, Wang Zhenzhi, Zhu Yonggui, Bai Xiaohu, Li Chengjian, Shao Bo, etc.


  Guo Wenqing has a cordial talk with Wen Guohui.


  Scene of the talk


  Liu Caiming and Li Ming sign the agreement on behalf of each other's own side with Guo Wenqing and Wen Guohui as witnesses


  Group photo for the signing